About Northwoods Bass

Welcome to northern Wisconsin’s comprehensive bass fishing resource and guide service, Northwoods Bass Fishing Adventures. This fishing informational resource and guide service exclusively specializes in the pursuit of smallmouth bass on Northern Wisconsin’s inland waters.

10313477_10100823491204021_2215416764744683385_nNorthwoods Bass Fishing Adventures, with your host and instructor Andrew Ragas, is committed to providing the most successful, informative and educational fishing experience possible. Bass anglers who fish with me (newbies, veterans, or pros, whichever you choose to be) will learn how to locate, approach, and catch smallmouth bass on our region’s waters. Catching and releasing big smallmouths is each day’s mission, but cannot be made possible without the desire to learn and become a better bass angler. I will teach you my game, and how to fish at a level to succeed.

As a disclaimer and professional courtesy to fellow fishing colleagues, this isn’t like any ordinary guide service. Although I am a multi species angler who also enjoys walleyes and muskies from time to time, I don’t want to focus on anything else but bass. Northwoods Bass operates and thinks differently by focusing on one single species, with emphasis on seminar styled learning and angling approach. We are the only Wisconsin bass fishing guide service and information resource of its kind, and we don’t have to rely on our knack for big bass to earn a living.



About Northwoods Bass

Northwoods Bass Fishing Adventures exclusively specializes in the pursuit of smallmouth bass on Northern Wisconsin’s inland waters.


Fishing Reports

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Northwoods Bass Fishing Report – October & End of Year 2017

The fall fishing season has concluded, and winter is now making its arrival. Anglers could be ice fishing any week now. Bass season has ended, and I have been delayed in sending my October/ end of year newsletter. I apologize for writing everything in the past tense, and reporting on old news and events that […]


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Please contact us by phone or email to inquire about a trip. Full and Half Day bass fishing trips are available upon request from second Saturday of May through second Saturday of October. Thank you very much for considering our services and hopefully we will see you on the water.