Bass in the Grass

By Andrew Ragas

Clustered throughout northern Wisconsin’s wilderness landscape is the upper Midwest’s most extensive collection of inland freshwater lakes. From infertile rocky oligotrophic cold water lakes, to fertile habitat mesotrophic lakes, and heavily vegetated and nutrient-rich eutrophic waters, the northwoods has a lake type for all bass fishermen and their preferred styles of angling. (more…)


Becoming a Smallmouth Cartographer

Since youth, I’ve had a unique interest and fascination for mapping and cartography. Whether I publish articles, present a seminar, or host my guests for a day on the water, one of the many subjects I will touch upon is how smallmouth bass (and largemouths too!) relate to underwater structure and cover, and why they are doing what they’re doing. I will then say something along the lines of utilizing your electronics and lake maps in order to find them. (more…)


Spring Bass Fishing on Waters that Warm Fastest

By Andrew Ragas

Spring bass fishing has always been personally challenging, engaging, and exciting for myself and guests throughout the years. More heavyweight largemouth and smallmouth bass tipping the scales between 4 and 8 lbs. are caught and released in May and early June than most months combined. Catching them consistently however, isn’t easy. While their movements from ice out to pre-spawn are generally predictable, it’s usually the unpredictable weather and water temperatures that’s throwing curveballs our way.



Tips for Catching More Smallmouths This Season

By Andrew Ragas

With ice fishing coming to a close, there’s no better time to begin preparing for this year’s open water season, and evaluating bass fishing expectations. As a new season approaches, I often analyze my performance from the previous year, and review techniques and strategies that worked and didn’t work, and build upon them with the objectives they may be successful for me again in this upcoming season. (more…)


Fishing Reports

Northwoods Bass Fishing Report, End of July and Early August, 2017

Hi all, I recently concluded a 2 week block of trips that took place from July 24th through August 6th. End of July through early August was a period of two contrasting weeks of fishing but comprised with bass of excellent average sizes. The inland bass fisheries of Vilas and Oneida County showcased its world […]


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