Northwoods Bass 2017 Early Season Forecast

My spring return to the Minocqua area was greeted by a major dumping of snowfall and rainfall that has flooded rivers and streams. Despite that, the Ranger is in the shop this week, receiving its finishing touches on 2017 season upgrades. Also, the yard for the most part is finally raked and tidied up. Now I can go fishing following the upcoming weekend opener. (more…)


Northwoods Bass 2016 Early Season Forecast

By Andrew Ragas

A new fishing season brings new angling opportunities. During the last week, our family’s northwoods cabin opened for the season, signaling that game time is near. My Ranger boat finally hit the water, and a slew of upgrades such as big screen electronics, a front deck extension, and other modifications were added onto it soon after. With a little less than two weeks remaining until Wisconsin’s gamefish season opener and the start of my 2016 bass fishing season, all I can do is patiently wait for the clocks and calendar to turn….. and share some tales of northwoods bass fishing until then. (more…)


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Northwoods Bass Fishing Report – October & End of Year 2017

The fall fishing season has concluded, and winter is now making its arrival. Anglers could be ice fishing any week now. Bass season has ended, and I have been delayed in sending my October/ end of year newsletter. I apologize for writing everything in the past tense, and reporting on old news and events that […]


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