Oneida County Fishing

Just like neighboring counties to the north, south, east and west, fishing is a year-round activity in Oneida County. A good number of lakes throughout the county offer quality bass fishing experiences. These bodies of water can be found in Minocqua, Hazelhurst, Lake Tomahawk, McNaughton, Harshaw, Rhinelander, and Sugar Camp. If you’re vacationing in any of these towns, we’re just a short drive away (10 to 20 mins avg.) from the lakes we’ll fish.

11268031_10101228910510481_7119755312409872799_nWhere we are centrally located in Minocqua, I am privileged to have dozens of quality bass fishing lakes located within a short 10 minute commute away. There is no shortage of good bass water locally. Despite the sometimes heavy summer boat traffic and the influx of summer tourists and vacationers, we’ve learned to adapt by fishing these heavy traffic places during off-hours such as early mornings, mid-week days, and early nighttime. Despite these factors, bass fishing on these waters remains surprisingly light and overlooked as most of the angling population is focusing on muskies and walleyes. I am a lucky guy to have a short daily commute to some of my favorite underfished bass waters!

Bass fishing in Oneida County is excellent year round. However, the best fishing for both bass species is spring and summer. Besides lake fishing, I also run float trips for single guest down the Wisconsin River with my custom outfitted 14 foot flat bottom jon boat. These action packed adventure trips are favorites where 50-100 smallmouth days can be possible in May and early June.

While Oneida County doesn’t contain nearly as many expansive thousand acre lakes as Vilas County does, we enjoy discovering and fishing the smaller hidden backwoods gems it has to offer. These places will most often be fished with my smaller watercraft in which I am able to host 1 guest. Such places are sub-300 acre lakes that receive little to no angling pressure at all, and require some difficulty in access preventing most watercraft from ever getting into them. The most sought after fish species in these little gems are largemouth bass.

Wisconsin Lakes and Destinations

Our region of northern Wisconsin encompasses Iron, Vilas, Oneida and Forest Counties. This 4 county region is the Northwoods Bass fishing jurisdiction, and we have no need to ever travel elsewhere.

Oneida County Bass Regions
  • Minocqua
  • Woodruff
  • Lake Tomahawk
  • Hazelhurst
  • Harshaw
  • McNaughton
  • Rhinelander
  • Newbold
  • Sugar Camp




Fishing Reports

northwoods bass fishing adventures, wisconsin smallmouth bass fishing

Northwoods Bass Fishing Report – October & End of Year 2017

The fall fishing season has concluded, and winter is now making its arrival. Anglers could be ice fishing any week now. Bass season has ended, and I have been delayed in sending my October/ end of year newsletter. I apologize for writing everything in the past tense, and reporting on old news and events that […]


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