Seminars and Appearances

Thanks to my degrees of communication & media studies, I have extensive experience and success as a public speaker. Since 2013, I have given seminars and lectures about fishing, and offered instructional courses to fishing clubs, sport shows and independent organizations throughout the Northern Illinois region, Northern Wisconsin, and wherever else my trips and travels send me to.

I am a communication expert, and believe in giving the audience “infotaining” presentations whose subject matter and angling contents specifically cater to group fishing location and size, venue, angler demographics, skill levels, and personal requests. I also believe in sharing and exchanging knowledge, and the promotion and advancement of our sport. My presentations are informative, educational, entertaining, engaging, captivating, and include audience participation. Additionally, they are guaranteed to be technology and media influenced with aid of video and illustrated graphics, lake mapping, video, and other visuals.

Schedule of Seminars and Appearances



Presentation Subject



Watch for updates for these events on Northwoods Bass Fishing Adventures Facebook Page.

Book Me at Your Event

If interested in inviting me to present to your club or event, please contact me and we will schedule accordingly. My rates are starting as low as $250 per hour (excludes travel & expenses), and are negotiable and entirely dependent upon your organization’s audience size and its event type.

Presentation Topics and Subjects
  • Multi-Species Fishing
  • Fishing Tackle and Lures
  • Boats and Marine Equipment
  • Wade fishing strategies for river walleyes
  • River Fishing for Muskies
  • Smallmouth Bass River Float Trips
  • Smallmouth Bass Fishing
  • Bass Fishing Trips and Destinations
  • Wisconsin Fishing Trips
  • Proper Panfishing
  • Northwest Ontario Fishing Trips
  • Rainy Lake Fishing Adventures
  • Lake of the Woods Fishing Adventures
  • Specific lakes and rivers for specific species
  • Fishing Wisconsin’s Northwoods

Plus more…..



Fishing Reports

northwoods bass fishing adventures, wisconsin smallmouth bass fishing

Northwoods Bass Fishing Report – October & End of Year 2017

The fall fishing season has concluded, and winter is now making its arrival. Anglers could be ice fishing any week now. Bass season has ended, and I have been delayed in sending my October/ end of year newsletter. I apologize for writing everything in the past tense, and reporting on old news and events that […]


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